This Sunday is Father's Day.  A day that the kids honor their Dads.  Instead of the warm & fuzzy Father's Day, I'm writing about a sad side to the day.  According to the Huffington Post, some Dads may be celebrating it with children that may not be their own and they may not even know it!

Ashley, a website that hooks up men and women for extramarital affairs, has released some shocking, maddening statistics of its users. They have surveyed 102,137 of its cheating female members about whether or not they had gotten pregnant in an extramarital affair and passed the baby off as their husband's. This is shocking stuff!

Get this. 9% say they have done so! Another 16% said they are not aware of who fathered one or more of their children. And among the women in the two groups just mentioned, 72.4% admitted it's the youngest child where the identity of the father is in question!

Ashley Madison also says the day after Father's Day is one of the busiest days of the year, possibly because of these paternity issues.  Hence, an affair can become a way of retaliating against the cheating spouse.

Several things are for certain. Cheating is big business for Ashley Madison.  Secondly, they have provided shocking information about infidelity in marriages. Thirdly, innocent children ultimately pay the price in one way or another for the sins of the parent. Lastly, the erosion of the family unit is the most sad certainty of all.

If such "research" by Ashley Madison is a way of rationalizing and justifying the importance of their business, then it's a very thin justification indeed. Moreover, it's a sad trend for where we are going as individuals, as families and as a nation.


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