Sooner or ladder, this guy is bound to figure out how to properly use this.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet a doofus who decides to bypass a ladder's true calling and employ it for a much more inconvenient purpose as he attempts to swing it in order to remove a towel that's hanging on a beam above him.

Would it make more sense to open the ladder, climb up it and grab the towel? Of course it would. But if he did that, he wouldn't become part of internet lore and the butt of jokes, would he?

If anything, this strategy is more exhausting. Holding a ladder toward the bottom like this is not easy. But in the end, he gets his towel, so what do we know?

We'd like to think he makes other simple chores difficult, too. Would it surprise anyone to see this guy sweeping with the wrong end of the broom?

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