They're getting set to welcome a new life into the world, just as they (accidentally) said goodbye to one.

While out for a drive, a man and woman decided to tell their two girls that the mom was pregnant. It didn't go over well. One girl broke down in tears, while the other kind of just sat there before breaking into what we think is a smile.

The bawling is just a preamble to the main event, though. At the 50-second mark, the father-to-be drives over a dog, which quickly leads to an argument chock full of F-bombs, right in the presence of the two little girls in the backseat.

This video is from last September and the mother wrote they later found out they were having twins, which probably saddened the one daughter even more and hopefully proved to the entire family that there were going to be too many people in the house to get a dog.

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