If you've ever driven on Interstate 80 between Des Moines and Omaha, then you've passed by one of the top antiquing places in America and probably didn't even notice.

Right alongside heavy hitters like Palm Springs, Palm Beach, and New Orleans is tiny Walnut, Iowa (population 747), checking in at number nine on BestLife's new list of 'The 10 Best U.S. Cities for Antiquing'.

Walnut, at Exit 46 on I-80, dates back to 1871 and even bills itself as 'Iowa's Antique City' on the signs leading into town.

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Walnut, Iowa
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So what's so special about Walnut that made it worthy of inclusion on this list?

Here's what BestLife said:

'It may be named after the walnut tree, but this small Iowa town is arguably more well-known for its bustling antique scene.

It hosts an annual Walnut Antique Show, held annually over Father's Day Weekend each year for the past 40 years. The event draws over 300 vendors from across the country, who set up booths for happy antiquers to shop their hearts out.

If you're not in town during that June weekend, fret not. There's still plenty of shopping to be had in the city's many antique stores and specialty shops.'


  1. Palm Springs, California
  2. Round Top, Texas
  3. Charleston, South Carolina
  4. Hazel, Kentucky
  5. Palm Beach, Florida
  6. Adamstown, Pennsylvania
  7. Portsmouth, New Hampshire
  8. Sonoma County, California
  9. Walnut, Iowa
  10. New Orleans, Louisiana

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