This crime falls under the category of very strange. It involved theft of not your typical everyday merchandise. And worse yet, it was carried out in broad daylight while the store was open under the noses of the employees.

We are talking about a thief stealing panties. And not just one pair of women's unmentionables, but instead many articles of underpants.

Police are searching for a suspect who walked out of a Victoria's Secret in Pennsylvania with $21,000 worth of merchandise.
The theft happened around 3:00 PM on Sunday (4/7) at the Victoria's Secret in the Capital City Mall, according to the Lower Allen Township Police Department.

Police say the thief stole almost 2,000 pairs of panties from the front display while employees were busy helping customers.  They have no leads yet.

I'm wondering what the punishment would involve. I'm quite certain, if you steal underwear, you get to keep it!

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