A West Fargo man is headed for the penalty box after getting caught red-handed stealing items from the Sioux Falls Stampede locker room.

Dakota News Now is reporting 24-year-old Peter James Davies Mark is on ice after stealing several items from the Stampede locker room during a 9 PM game on Saturday night (December 12).

According to Dakota News Now, Mark was able to gain entrance to the locker room during the game, once inside, he allegedly stole nine jerseys, a helmet, and a coat belonging to a Stampede player. The items were stolen with a series of back and forth trips inside the locker room that night.

After stealing the items, Mark then returned to his seat inside the venue and began to hand out all the stolen merchandise to people sitting around him at the game.

Dakota News Now reports that Mark is now facing grand theft charges resulting from his actions.

Authorities say the items taken that evening were valued at roughly $1,500 and were returned to their owners.

Source: Dakota News Now

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