Drive anywhere around South Dakota and you'll likely see some ridiculous personalized license plates. You can't just put anything you want on your plates though. In fact, there are some stringent guidelines in place.

Don't even think about trying to put these on your personalized plates in the Mount Rushmore State.

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First, let's have a look at examples of license plates that are illegal on the federal level:

  5. FAQ
  6. BANG
  7. IDIOT
  8. IDIOT2
  11. LSD
  12. MELONS
  13. IWANTU
  14. HUSSY
  15. NAKED
  16. 2HOTDOG
  17. CIA
  18. POLYCE
  19. HOTDAD
  20. ARSON

According to South Dakota License Search, the state of South Dakota has a number of guidelines set up to ensure that personalized plates exclude profanity and offensive messages.

Here's a look at the rules:

  • First, your license plate combination cannot contain special characters, such as $, %, ^, &, @, #, etc.
  • You cannot use a license plate that was issued before.
  • Then, the license plate must not contain vulgar, profane, obscene, offensive, and poor vocabulary. It means that even if you try to hide bad words in your combination by changing “O” to “0”, “A” to “4”, “1” to “I” etc., the Motor Vehicle Division staff will find it out. They use a lot of resources to make sure you did not mean anything bad.
  • Your license plate combination must not be offensive to any group of people. It cannot be disrespectful of religion, race, nation, gender, political affiliation, sexual orientation, color, etc.
  • If your license plate combination is about promoting and/or encouraging violence, drugs, alcohol, illegal and unlawful activities, it will not be accepted by the MVD.
  • In case your license plate leads people or police to misunderstand, the MVD will refuse the issuance. It applies also to cases when the license plate combination can create difficulties for the police while writing a ticket.
  • Confusing combinations are not acceptable as well.

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Credit: KDLTV (used with permission)
Credit: KDLTV (used with permission)

Story Source: Government Attic, South Dakota License Search

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