Ah...summer time. Time to take a little time off, get away from the grind of work, get away from the house for a few days, maybe even get away from the relatives and grab a breath or two of fresh air.

So you make the decision: Let's head over to Deadwood, on the way get a glass of free ice water at Wall Drug, take in the scenery of the Black Hills, maybe check out Mt. Rushmore to make sure the 'Rock Stars' are still there, motor over to Crazy Horse, might even drop into Sturgis and see if we can spot a Harley or two.

And then on up to Deadwood.

It's time to get a little wild and crazy, maybe not act our age! Insert a bunch of quarters, play a few cards, drink a few cold ones and walk (or maybe just a wee bit of stagger) down that historic Main Street. There we go, arm in arm, sampling the wares of each and every one of the historic places that make Deadwood...Deadwood.

And Deadwood is apparently making sure there isn't prying eyes in the sky keeping tabs on you.

The Rapid City Journal is reporting that Deadwood city leaders have made the sky above Deadwood's Historic Main Street a drone 'No-Fly-Zone'.  The city commission has effectively outlawed unmanned aerial devices over the downtown area.

So if you're having a little adult fun in Deadwood and step out of Saloon 10 or Midnight Star or the Franklin and look up into the sky, well...it might be a bird, it might be a plane, heck it might even be Superman!

But it won't be a drone.

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