The state of South Dakota is full of rich, American history. The past has certainly helped shape South Dakotans, and it gives them a sense of glorious pride. Did you know the existence of one of the most famous houses in the country is part of our own state’s history?

In all honestly, this house could have been the "party house" on the block. Why? The original homeowners of this house secured their entire fortune in the cattle and liquor industries.

If you have paid a visit to the city of Deadwood, you probably guessed the house in the picture is the Historic Adams House. So what exactly is the Historic Adams House? What makes this house "historic" and "famous."

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House Beautiful named this the "Most Famous House" in the state of South Dakota.  According to this article,  the Historic Adams House "interiors boast period oak floors, hand-painted wallcoverings, and stained glass windows."  The City of Deadwood's website explains that this house was built in 1892 by Deadwood pioneers Harris and Anna Franklin.  At the time, local press called the house "the grandest house west of the Mississippi." This house was a symbol of wealth.

Who were Harris and Anna Franklin?  They were actually Jewish immigrants that arrived in Deadwood around 1877. The Jewish Museum of the American West states that Harris Franklin came from a "humble" background and worked diligently to become a success in the wholesale liquor business.  Eventually, he expanded his business interests into the cattle, gold mining, and banking industries.

This Queen-Anne-style house was the talk of the town. It’s unique elegance of a modern-American-style home attracted all individuals drew everyone in. Jewish Museum of the American West explains that the Historic Adams House "was centrally heated, plumbed with hot and cold running water, and lighted by electricity; servants were summoned by electric bells, and the owners communicated by telephone." Talk about living in the modern age! Harris and Anna Franklin were also known to entertain many guests in their home.

The Franklins had one son named Nathan who eventually followed in his father's footsteps as a successful entrepreneur.  Nathan was even elected the Mayor of Deadwood in 1914 and 1916. Eventually, the Franklin Family sold the Historic Adams House to William E. (known as W.E. Adams) and Alice Adams.  The price? A whopping $8,500. Wow!

Well, there's your history lesson for the day folks!


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