The Wreckers stopped by The Bobby Bones Show (February 22) to talk about how they started making music together and we find out if they will release new music anytime soon.

Last night, The Wreckers, performed at Bobby Bones & The Raging Idiots Million Dollar Show at The Ryman Auditorium. The duo made up of Michelle Branch and Jessica Harp, have been friends for years but met in an untraditional way. They were in the Kansas City Airport and Branch was passing through on radio tour. She had heard Harp music and was blown away by it and the two got in contact with each other. They hung out at the airport in between flights and hit it off so much that Branch invited Harp to join her on tour and sing backup vocals. During their time on the road together, they started writing songs and Branch realized that what they were creating was what she wanted to focus on. She was supposed to be handing in a new solo record soon but told her label at the time that she wanted to work on The Wreckers project. At first, her label didn’t think her making a country record was a good idea, until their debut single “Leave The Pieces” became a hit.

Harp moved to Nashville from Kansas City shortly prior to starting The Wreckers. She had a hit song of her own in 2009 called “Boy Like Me,” and was in her car on the way to sign an indie-record deal when Branch called her and asked if she wanted to seriously do The Wreckers. She agreed and said the decision was so much more special and fun than pursuing a solo career.

They always knew they wanted to be a band after years of performing together on-stage during Branch’s concerts. Harp would sing background vocals and during every show, there was a moment just the two of them would be on stage harmonizing together. When they named their duo The Wreckers, they didn’t realize there was already a band in Canada called that until it was too late and they had to buy the name from them. They released their debut album Stand Still, Look Pretty in 2006, and had instant success when their song “Leave The Pieces” became a number-one hit. It took them only two weeks to write the album and called the whole process so special and exciting.

In early 2020, the two planned to get together to catch up and write songs in hopes of releasing new music later that year. Then COVID happened and they both got pregnant, delaying their plans, but it’s not completely off the table. They are hoping to release new music soon!

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