Here's a few of the stories that had Sioux Falls talking this week:

Sioux Falls police have arrested a male driver who allegedly led officers on a chase before crashing into vehicles and a garage at a private residence. The damage was described as extensive. The suspect was arrested on charges of aggravated eluding, driving under the influence, reckless driving and having no proof of insurance.

 Can’t say we didn't warn them. 17 individuals were arrested for driving drunk on St. Patricks Day. Otherwise, it was a great day of celebrations and green fun. Overall, the Sioux Falls Police say saturation patrol was a success.

Fire crews from Dell Rapids, Chester, and Colton helped fight a hog barn fire Friday morning just west of Dell Rapids. Witnesses said at one point the barn was "totally engulfed" in flames. We were told that no animals were inside and no people were injured.

Fourth-seeded Michigan rocketed to a 71-56 NCAA tournament win over 13th-seeded South Dakota State on Thursday night. It was a great run and we are proud of you, Jackrabbits!
We enjoyed the first day of spring Wednesday but we didn't exactly break out the shorts and sunscreen. It was the coldest first day of spring since 1965, topping out at around 23 degrees (which is our average overnight low this time of year). Brrrr...
Sioux Falls police responded to Scarlett O' Hara's Tuesday night for two gentlemen having a disagreement. It was unclear what started to punch-fest as one of the suspects took off running. "Dude, I left my ones in the car...can I borrow a few?"
Mitchell could be the next South Dakota city planning a texting-while-driving ban joining four other South Dakota cities including Sioux Falls. According to the daily Republic, an ordinance will be presented in an April 1 council meeting.
Viral Video of the Week: ("The Screaming Flower Girl") With wedding season upon us, take 1 minute and check out the vid of the young girl who really doesn't like to be in weddings!
And finally, this is how we celebrate the first day of spring in South Dakota, too!

Happy Spring and enjoy the rest of your weekend!