Here's a few of the stories that had Sioux Falls talking this week:

South Dakota Highway Patrol responded to at least 10 accidents Tuesday morning due to white-out and icy conditions. Meanwhile, the Sioux Falls police department responded to nearly 20 between 7:30 am and 9:15 am. I-229 received much of the attention.


Even the rich and famous, like Mitchell native and NBA star Mike Miller, are not immune to investor scams. Sioux Falls businessman Randy Hansen is accused of bilking millions form various investors in a Ponzi scheme. Miller has since sued Hansen to recover his initial investment.


Several adolescent boys had a visit from police after fighting broke out at a laundromat at 6th and West Avenue in Sioux Falls Tuesday. I'm sure it was a Downy vs. Tide debate that got out of hand.


Rep. Stace Nelson of Fulton, SD. unsuccessfully proposed to the South Dakota House earlier this week that teens should be prohibited from having sex and talking back to their parents. This was on the heels of another proposal to ban licensed drivers under the age of 16 from using cell phones while driving which went on to pass in a vote later in the session.  I have a feeling fellow lawmakers ridiculed Stace we won't have to.

Location, location, location. Police responded to disorderly subjects Monday afternoon near City Hall for drinking, loud behavior and refusing to leave. Do you think 150 yards away from the nearest jail cell is the best place to go on a drunken spree?


I left the Sportsmen's Show last weekend with a bag full of vacation offers, coupons, and a few fishing lures. Another individual left with stolen goods. A woman is accused of stealing a personal backpack from underneath a vendor's table which contained knives, ammo, and a handgun.


Yes, officer. As a matter of fact, I have misplaced my pants. I don't know the outcome but, according to scanner reports on early Sunday morning, police responded to reports of a naked man looking through binoculars in a building on Terry Avenue. I hope he spotted what he was looking for. Like some nice trousers.


Don't clear a space on the shelf for a Dad of the Year trophy for Jesse Florek of Sioux Falls. He was pulled over at a saturation patrol Friday night. He ran from his vehicle leaving his 19 month old son in an unbuckled child car seat. Police arrested him after a short chase and charged him with his 5th DUI. He will face a long list of charges when he is scheduled for his initial court appearance.


We all think movie theater popcorn is expensive, but geez! Sioux Falls police responded to a robbery call from the west mall 7 Theaters Wednesday night shorty after 10pm. The suspect was described as a male with a goatee and a "poofy" coat. And quite possibly a strong buttery smell...

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