Funeral services were held Friday for James and Julie Vollmer along with 2 of their children, Caleb, and Alyssa, as a result of an I-90 accident Saturday. Their daughter, Brittany, was away at college at the time of the crash. Our thoughts and prayers are with Brittany and other relatives at this time.


Several cars and up to 31 homes have been hit by paintball guns in the quiet community of Volga with several more cases in nearby Brookings. The Volga Christian School was also hit which resulted in teachers becoming janitors before the doors opened for classes. The Brookings Police Department is looking for more information and can be reached at (605) 692-2113.

Have you ever been peed on by a water skiing squirrel? Me neither. Well, KSFY's Rachel Gabrielsen can honestly say,'s true. While reporting 'live' on Friday morning, on KSFY Morning News,  Rachel snuggled with Twiggy, the water skiing squirrel,(and who wouldn't?) while at the Sportsman's Show at the Sioux Falls Arena this weekend. Twiggy must have thought, "this is as good as time as any..."

When the Tea Fire Department responded to a small apartment fire early Tuesday morning, they found more than just usual damage. They also found chemicals usually associated with a drug lab. Arrested on several charges is Jesse Rains, 32, of Tea, SD.

Pain at the pump. Have you noticed that gasoline prices are not playing well with others? The price in inching upwards daily. In fact, gas prices have increased about .50 cents a gallon since January 1  and most experts agree that it hasn't topped out yet.


Just because it made too much sense. The Judiciary Committee voted 8-5 against a bill Wednesday that would have banned texting behind the wheel for South Dakota teens. Opponents said that there just wasn't enough evidence that a ban could lower crash rates. The hearing involved police officers, tearful testimony from victims, and people who have caused accidents due to distracted driving, but it still wasn't enough.


13 cows died and another 25 were on the loose following a truck rollover on I-90 Wednesday morning. Zachary Rozeboom and Guthrie Claus were not injured in the crash. They did say, however, that a car swerved in front of them and cut them off causing them to go into the ditch between Beaver Creek, Mn. and Luverne, Mn.


This week I learned that Sturgis, South Dakota, is adding another liquor store to better supply large crowds, like the Sturgis motorcycle rally. If the ordinance is passed, they will have two. Really? There was only one?


The winner of a Wild Card 2 lottery ticket sold in Dell Rapids has not yet come forward, but I'm guessing it'll be the person suddenly saying, "beers on me", at Monkey's Bar and Grill. The winning ticket, which matched all 5 white balls but missed the Wild Card is worth $6,000.


After serving up pies for more than 20 years in the same location on East 10th Street, Godfathers Pizza is closing it's doors in March. The new occupants of the location will be Wheel City Motors. The 41st Street location remains open for business.

 Video of the Week: The Sioux Falls Skyforce mascot "Thunder" get you going with the Harlem Shake!