Just because Rapid City and Sioux Falls are the biggest cities in South Dakota, doesn't mean they're also the most beautiful and charming. South Dakota is home to many small towns that boast some of the most beautiful historic buildings and scenery.

A website called OnlyInYourState.com provides "infotainment" for every state in the country. Recently, they put together a list of the most beautiful, charming small towns in South Dakota.

They said:

City life isn’t all its cracked up to be. In fact, these small towns are so friendly and adorable, you might just need a road trip. These charming small towns in South Dakota are proof that bigger isn’t always better.

Here are the Top 10 Most Beautiful, Charming Small Towns in South Dakota. See pictures here.

  1. Deadwood -"A charming small town filled to the brim with history. Deadwood is known as the home of the Gold Rush of 1876 and frontier town of the Dakota Territory. If you visit Historic Old Town in the summer, you may be lucky enough to catch reenactments of historical moments."
  2. Gary - "On the eastern edge of South Dakota, Gary is among the smallest of small towns. With a population right around 250 people, you won’t find a better town for a restful getaway. It’s not uncommon to see cattle drives happening right down main street in this adorable small town."
  3. Keystone - "Home to Mount Rushmore National Memorial and Presidential Trail, this small town can not be beat. Perhaps the most charming entertainment option Keystone has to offer is its rides on the 1880s train. In the summer, the train provides rides around the beautiful forests and hills of the area. In the winter, train rides are offered to the “North Pole” for all around family enjoyment."
  4. Hill City -"Also known as ‘The Heart of the Hills,’ Hill City is an open door to the landscape of the area. Surrounded by mountains, caves, and forests, there is no lack of things to see or do near this charming small town. Log cabin coffee houses and the Silver Dollar Saloon are just a few of the places that make this town even more lovable."
  5. Dell Rapids - "Located just north of South Dakota’s largest city, Dell Rapids is the perfect break from the bustle of the big city. Dell Rapids boasts a quilt store, renovated movie theatre, as well as a downtown perfect for a morning stroll."
  6. DeSmet - "Home of the Ingalls Homestead, this town is full historical character. De Smet is truly the little town on the prairie. They pride themselves on being friendly hospitable and always maintaining their integrity."
  7. Custer - "Located on the western edge of South Dakota, Custer is home to a quilt shop, the Purple Pie Place, and 1881 Bank Coffee House. The coffee house has its own unique charm as it exists in a renovated bank building."
  8. Wall - "Home of the infamous Wall Drug. Wall is known for its free ice water and being the home of America’s favorite roadside attraction. Wall is truly a small town you must see."
  9. Parker - "Boasting a population of right around 1,000 people, Parker is home of the essential small town feel. Every year they host the Turner County Fair, which hosts 4H competitions and rodeos galore. On Friday nights, everyone in the entire town shows up to high school football games."
  10. Lake Poinsett - "Lake Poinsett is the only charming small town on the list that isn’t an actual town. The community that gathers around Lake Poinsett every summer is what makes this area a truly charming place to be a part of. Not to mention the beyond perfect views!"

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