It's back! The Kickin' Country Secret Sound is BACK.

The Kickin' Country Secret Sound has been one of 'the most talked-about' things we have ever had here at Kickin' Country and it's back!

UPDATE: Tate VanZee from Mitchell won $1850 with The Kickin' Country Secret Sound! [Opening a fuel door on a car] We have a new sound and a new jackpot. If you have the Kickin' Country App on your phone you could get the 'incorrect guesses' on the current sound. Download the Kickin' Country App today!


Update #2-Zach from Mitchell was also a winner. Zach picked up $1075. He knew our second sound was a garbage disposal.


UPDATE #3 Leslie from Sioux Falls was a BIG winner! Leslie correctly identified Sound #3 as a Tape Measurer. She won $3125!

Over the years, we've heard various ways that listeners like 'playing along with The Kickin' Country Secret Sound. They listen by themselves, or with the kids on the way to work. Busses listen on the way to school. On the more difficult sounds, and there will be some families or co-workers team up to call in. We have had numerous times when we seemingly shut down the phone lines here in Sioux Falls as listeners call in listening for cash.

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We thought long and hard about it. What kind of money does it take to get people interested. Anymore, $100 doesn't cut it. $500? Maybe. But a minimum of $1000 as a prize and people start perking their ears!

The Kickin' Country Secret Sound is another way to bring attention to the fact that we have an even easier way for you to listen to Kickin' Country here in Sioux Falls. 99-1 is now ALSO playing Kickin' Country. If you live here in Sioux Falls or Brandon or Southwest Minnesota or Northwest Iowa, you will most likely find a stronger signal. For our friends to the West, nothings changed and you can still win if you listen to 100.5 as well!

We will play The Kickin' Country Secret Sound on Weekdays at 8:40 AM. Actually, listen for Bobby Bones to tell you when to call. We don't know when Bobby is actually done, and we don't do anything until Bobby tells us to. So When Bobby Says call in, call in. We also play again at 12:40 PM and at 4:40 PM.

It's actually a pretty easy-to-play radio contest. We'll ask for the 10th caller, and if it's you, we'll play 'The Kickin' Country Secret Sound' down the phone line (and over the airwaves of Kickin' Country for everyone else to hear. If you correctly guess The Kickin' Country Secret Sound, you'll win a MINIMUM of $1000!

Listen to Kickin' Country [99.1 FM here in Sioux Falls and at 100.5 FM everywhere else.] When we tell you to call, be caller #10 at 605-361-8000.

Oh, one other thing about The Kickin' Country Secret Sound, one comment you'll hear over and over, is 'it sounds different over the phone.' It does, so the longer the 'sound'  plays, and the more times you hear it, the better your chances are of getting the correct answer and winning, with The Kickin' Country Secret Sound!

The contest rules for The Kickin' Country Secret Sound can be found HERE.