No need to sweat Valentine's Day, gentlemen. Nabisco has it figured out. Introducing the new Red Velvet Oreo. Throw in some fancy lingerie and a card and you're golden.

It's been over 10 years since Nabisco has introduced a new color for it's famous cookies. The treat will feature a red velvet chocolate flavor cookies with cream cheese in the middle.

You had me at velvet.

Oreo is careful to point out that this is a limited-time product and will be based on how soon it catches on with people.

I'll take six packages - as soon as I finish this sit-up.

The suggested retail price for the limited-edition red velvet Oreo cookies will be $4.49 and will hit the shelves on February 2nd. However, you can enter here for a chance to win a free package! Over the next few days, Nabisco will select 20,250 people to be the first to taste these red velvet beauties. Must sign up by January 22.