Looking to binge watch some television shows during the holidays? If so there are only two shows South Dakotans enjoy watching more than anything else.

CableTV.com conducted the survey to find out the most popular TV show and reality TV show in each state. As for South Dakota the most popular TV show we enjoy is, "The Big Bang Theory." Apparently we cannot get enough of this show. It was our favorite in 2014 and 2016.

The reality show that us South Dakotans enjoy the most is the show "Hunted" that debuted on CBS back in January. According to Wikipedia:

The show is a competition series that centers on nine teams of two as they are fugitives on the run from highly skilled investigators. Each pair attempts to use their wits to evade capture for 28 days in a 100,000-square-mile region in the southeastern United States in order to win the grand prize of $250,000.

So fire up some popcor and pull up a chair and enjoy binge watching these shows. You can see the entire U.S. map here.

Source: eOnline

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