The Social Security Administration announced the most popular baby names in 2012 and Jacob remains the most popular name given to boys...for the 14th year in a row.

Sophia is the most popular name given to girls, was also the top name last year.

The SSA actually lists the top 1,000 names, but for the sake of time and bandwidth, let's look at the top 25 for girls and boys: (Click on name for meaning and origin)


A few notables include:


  • The fastest rising names for 2012 were Arya and Major.
  • The second fastest rising names were Gael and Perla
  • Elizabeth climbed back onto the girls' Top 10, unseating Chloe.
  • Liam enters the top 10 for the first time replacing Daniel
  • Among the other boys’ names gaining in popularity: Maverick, Armani and King
  • Isabella and Jacob were also the top two names in the Social Security Administration in 2011.

source: Family Education