When you're exploring local, state, or even national parks, you never know what you may find. You might even come across a new, furry friend.

One state that is known for its trails, parks, and active wildlife in Iowa. Iowa has a list of critters and creatures roaming the state. But, it’s probably best to watch out for one dangerous animal because its greatest weapon is...being too adorable?

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One would assume that a venomous snake or even a mountain lion would be at the top of the most dangerous animals’ list in Iowa. While they are certainly some of the most dangerous animals someone can encounter, they are not the most surprising, like one common mammal.

Watch Out for the Deer in Iowa!

According to the Go Look Explore website, one of the most dangerous animals in Iowa is the deer. I was pretty shocked when I read this tidbit. However, the reason why deer are on the most dangerous list makes perfect sense. These docile animals have populated the state in a major way and as a result of increased contact with humans, have led to a rise in deer-related car accidents.

Furthermore, deer can be pretty aggressive around mating season. Male deer in particular can be very dangerous. They are trying to protect their families, so they mark their territories. Anyone who crosses them risks getting seriously hurt. Go Look Explore explains, "It is imperative that you take your time to review the area that you are going to explore so that you avoid accidents caused by these creatures. If you are in an accident or you are attacked by a deer, then you should seek immediate medical attention."

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Deer are truly peaceful animals when left alone. So if you happen to stumble upon them when you're visiting Iowa or any state, look at them from afar. There's no need to approach these majestic animals. Just admire them.


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