Even though I've been to Minneapolis a bunch of times, there is always a new restaurant to try! This time it was The Howe Daily Kitchen & Bar.

The Howe is located at 3675 Minnehaha Avenue South.

Minneapolis and Minnesota in general have some stricter rules due to COVID so most restaurants are restricted to patio seating and sparse seating inside. The Howe brought intents to accommodate more seating outside.

I was told by my friends that The Howe has the best-broasted chicken. They were very adamant. So even though the menu was full of all sorts of tasty looking things, I had to try it for myself. I got the breast and leg combo meal that came with mashed potatoes and gravy and sweet chili coleslaw.

They weren't wrong. The chicken takes a while because broasting is a process, but it is totally worth the wait! The sweet chili coleslaw had a nice zing to it and it was a nice departure from the usual mayonnaise-based coleslaw. Now, for the serious stuff. The mashed potatoes and gravy. So. Good. The entire meal was just one of those hearty, feel-good meals.

The Howe is also very dog friendly. So much so that they even have a fun puppy ears mural to take pictures with! I make a cute puppy muffin.

The Howe also has a cookies and custard walk-up window on the rear of the building. We didn't save room for dessert so I guess that means I just have to go back.

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