It was double heartbreak the night of Friday, November 12, in Minnesota, when a car containing a five month-old puppy was stolen. Both the car and its precious cargo could have been anywhere.

The Saint Paul Police Department shared the information on their official Facebook page:

Have you seen Sky, a beautiful American Bully? Or the black 2012 Toyota Camry she was in when both were stolen?
If so, please call 651-291-1111.
The car was parked outside of a restaurant on the 2080 block of Ford Parkway last night at about 7:45 when someone jumped inside and drove off.
Now we're trying to find both. The dog is five months old, about 40 pounds, and mostly white and lilac with small spots of brown. She was last seen with a pink leash and collar on. The car's license plate is EJP-985.
If you've seen either, please give us a call. Thank you.

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Puppy inside stolen Minnesota car - MN Crime Facebook
Puppy inside stolen Minnesota car - MN Crime Facebook

**UPDATE: There has been a reunion involving this case. Apparently whoever stole the car that contained the puppy at least did not harm the puppy and through a crazy series of events, the puppy is back home.

The Lost K9 Facebook page shared the reunion story, saying in part:

Someone purchased Sky and brought her home. After getting her home another person in the house recognized Sky from all the Facebook posts. They called Sky's owner and explained how they got her. The two of them arranged a place to meet and stayed on the phone with each other until they met.
When Sky saw her owner she was excited but clearly cautious and nervous. Once Sky could smell her she got super excited and was so happy to be reunited.
Unfortunately, we don't know where Sky spent the last few days. We do know her success story is due to each and every one of you. Social media, searching, handing out flyers, and communicating was the key to Sky's safe return.
While the car remains missing, having Sky home safe still makes this a happy ending for this story. Cars can be replaced.



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