The other day I smoked some chicken and croissants in my Traeger. I've found over the last couple of years I've used my pellet smoker that there almost isn't anything you can't cook on this thing.

Just recently my buddy Alan Helgeson picked up a non-pellet smoker. It's a Smoke Hollow. I think it's made by Mattel or Playschool...I'm not sure.

Als Smoker
Alan Helgeson

Anyway, despite all of my encouragement Al refuses to make the leap to a pellet smoker. He says he doesn't want to be beholden to the “big pellet cartels”.

Al and I both love cooking. We both have a kitchen full of useful and useless cooking gadgets. I'm pretty sure Al still has a bread maker and air fryer.

This week, to prove that his close and play smoker was more than adequate, challenged me to a “Deviled Egg Smoke-Off”. So on Thursday we are both presenting our best Smoked Deviled Eggs for a panel to judge.

I'll be posting my recipe here on Thursday. I'll also include Al's 2nd place recipe too.

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