It's one of those comfort foods that restaurants never seem to get right. (Only my opinion). They're either dry or lack that complex umami (pleasantly savory) quality that only seems to come in a homemade meatloaf. I usually only make them in the winter, because they're kind of a heavy-duty meal, but I've been craving it.

My mom was an adequate meatloaf crafter, but my dad was the true artisan. I can honestly say that every meatloaf he ever made was an absolute marvel of creation. And he never made one the same way. I carry on that tradition with every meatloaf I whip up.

It all depends on what you're in the mood for, what ingredients you have on hand, and how strong the urge to experiment with the unknown is, on the day you make it.

I've made meatloaf with venison, pork, beef, turkey, chicken, and would even be willing to try a veggie loaf one of these days. As for what you add to your choice of protein, the possibilities are endless.


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