Members of The Bobby Bones Show shared who they would switch lives with for one day! Find out their answers below:

  • Eddie – Travis Kelce. He wants to know if his relationship with Taylor Swift is real.
  • Amy – Taylor Swift, because she also wants to know if her relationship with Travis Kelce is real, also she wants to know what a day in the life of Swift is like.
  • Bobby Bones – Patrick Mahomes because he wants to play quarterback at an elite level.
  • Lunchbox - Justin Verlander, a pitcher for the Astros who is married to Kate Upton, who he has a crush on.
  • Morgan – Reese Witherspoon because she wants to be an actress and it’d be cool to be in a movie.
  • Raymundo – Joe Biden. He’d want to be President for a day and learn all the top-secrets.
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