Sioux Falls native Rod Thompson never got a dreaded rejection letter in the mail. His first draft was picked up by Berkley Trading Publishing on his first attempt. That speaks volumes in the world of writing.

His first novel, The Black hills, is on shelves now. According to Rod, this is the first book in a trilogy, or "thrilogy," set in the turbulent backdrop of the Dakota Territory.

Cormac Lynch was just a young boy when tragedy struck. Now, to avenge his family's murder, he must become a gunslinger.

Out of a family tragedy in the Dakota Territory grows a man with a reputation for a blazing fast draw. There are those who would ride a hundred miles to watch him shoot it out against the mysterious gunslinger known as Mackle.

Instead, both of them ride to the rescue of Lainey Nayle, whose ranch-and body-are in danger of being taken by force. Now Burnell Lamber and his infamous gang are about to put both reputations to the test.

Barnes and Noble Review:


One of the best Westerns I've read in many years

Without question this is one of the best western novels I have ever read. A painstakingly researched period novel set in the post-civil war west, the story goes from jaw-dropping event to jaw-dropping event. This story will keep you turning pages, with each page packed with emotion and excitement. You will weep, clench your fists in anger, and laugh out loud along with the main characters of this story that are brought to life by the author, Rod Thompson.


Now, the sequel, 'The Saga of Jane Hicks,' the 'Black Hills' sequel is released May 6th, 2014. In the second book of the Black Hills "Thrilogy," Cormac receives a letter from a woman he has never heard of, Jane Hicks. She and her children are in terrible danger and need help -and the only man she can turn to is the one who killed her husband in a gunfight. Cormac has no idea of the threats that confront him as he crosses the Sioux Nation to reach Dakota Territory.

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Here's the audio of our second interview with Mr. Thompson.


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