Cell service providers have really changed what they offer their customers within the past five-eight years or so.

And with the inclusion of 5G service, there are sure to be more benefits for customers with certain cell service provider companies.

But what cell service provider offers the best cell phone coverage to South Dakotans across our great state?

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Turns out, AT&T covers the most geographic area in South Dakota with 76,202 m^2 according to WhistleOut.

Whereas a close second Verizon comes in at covering the exact same number of zip codes as AT&T 369. But sightly less geographic area covering 74,320 m^2.

T-Mobile comes in third place followed by Sprint in fourth.

T-mobile covered 58,602 m^2 (but still 369 zip codes) while Sprint had 2,499 m^2 of geographical area covered in South Dakota.

There are of course smaller cell service providers that run off of the towers of the 'top four' carriers towers but for this study's sake just Sprint, Verizon, A T&T, and T-mobile were taken into consideration.

"The maps confirm that AT&T provides the most robust coverage in South Dakota, followed by Verizon. You can see a clear difference between these two carriers and the coverage offered by T-Mobile, and even more so when compared to Sprint"- WhistleOut.

Source: WhistleOut.

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