Submitted photo - Different Folk Records
Submitted photo - Different Folk Records

It's Rich Show Week on The Patrick Lalley Show. If you're not familiar with Rich, you should tune in. If you are, you know him to be perhaps the most-prolific songwriter and rock-n-roll frontman in Sioux Falls history. I say "perhaps" only because you can make a case for the legacy of Myron Lee, particularly in light of the length of his career, but Myron didn't write anywhere near as many songs as Rich.

There have been plenty of accomplished songwriters in and from Sioux Falls -- Nick Thomas, Boyd Bristow, Tom Peterson, Wes Eisenhauer -- but as far as sustained writing, recording and performing, I just don't think anybody holds up. To be clear, ranking people in this way is kind of stupid, but it's what I think.

Full disclosure: I've been a fan of the various Rich Show projects since I was a teenager. That's when Rich's first band -- No Direction -- was working and recording. Since then it's been a steady progression of quality. Flag With Hank, Violet, The Working Poor, Oxford Comma were all highlights with new songs, a bit different style, with the underlying Rich Show ethic.

It's been 40 years of music that expresses an artist's soul, not just a rock-n-roll band.

That's what will be on display on Saturday at the Orpheum Theater, where Rich will perform to celebrate the release of his latest project, "That Was The Future, This Is The Past." The double vinyl album features 22 songs from the Rich Show songbook, reworked and recorded in the style in which they were originally conceived.

The album was originally the brainchild of Andy Howes, local promoter and one of the forces behind Different Folk Records, which is producing the new record.

Here's Who Do You Love, which has been released in advance of the album. That link will lead you into a couple more cuts.

Along with the vinyl, fans get a download code for not just those songs but another 17  tunes. It's a walk through history to be sure, but the vitality of the songs comes through in the new recordings. They are energetic and powerful.

Full disclosure II: I was honored when Rich asked me to write the liner notes for the vinyl. So yeah, I'm a geeked out fanboy. That's not really a secret.

In that vein, Rich will figure prominently on the show this week. He'll be my guest in the studio on Tuesday and Thursday. We'll be using his music his music coming out of the breaks and sometimes, we may listen to a cut just for fun.

I'll also remind you about a thousand times about the concert.

I'm doing it not just because I'm a fan but because I think it's important to note and mark local artistic milestone. "That Was The Future, This Is The Past" is less a greatest hits album than a preservation of the some of the best music our little city has ever produced.

I hope you'll have a chance to listen to the show this week. And we'll see you all on Saturday at the Orpheum.

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