The 8th Street Bridge has been carrying traffic over the Big Sioux River in downtown Sioux Falls since 1912. I'm sure that if the bridge could talk, it could tell a thousand stories.

The 8th Street Bridge has been closed to traffic while undergoing a major renovation, but city officials say it's set to reopen soon.

Crews expected to see much more wear and tear on the structure, considering the bridge has been exposed to 108 years of harsh South Dakota weather. Project Manager Dena Knutson told Dakota News Now that the bridge was actually in good shape.

“We expected to run into a lot more concrete removal or deterioration, but we just didn’t see it,” Knutson said.

The bridge opening will be a welcome sight to commuters and drivers in the downtown area. The only other bridges that carry traffic from West to East over the river in the immediate downtown area are the 10th Street Viaducts and the 6th Street Bridge.

Business owners around the 8th Street Bridge are rejoicing as well because the bridge will open just in time to bring people into their stores and restaurants for the busy holiday shopping season.

Knutson said the bridge should be opened for traffic by Thanksgiving. However, work will continue on the Greenway and bike trail under the bridge through the winter.

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