Are you up for the 10 Minute Challenge? I don't even know if it's a real thing, but by gosh I'm coming up with it. The 10 Minute Challenge is real. And it works. Sometimes.

You're working at home. You just completed the simplest task on the planet, so what do you think you should do next. There are a few brats left in the fridge from last night's grilling. One of them would taste great about now.

Time, for the 10-minute challenge. When I'm sitting in a tree stand out hunting, and it's cold and I haven't seen anything for a while, I take the 10-minute challenge. I look at my watch and say, sit still for 10 more minutes. Same thing with working at home and THE CALL OF THE REFRIGERATOR!

10 more minutes! Sometimes the hunger, or just you 'thinking your hungry' passes. If it doesn't pass, you guessed it 10 more minutes.

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I read that It's important to keep a schedule if your working at home. It's easy to grab the chips. It's easy to grab that brat and throw it in the microwave.

Ten-More-Minutes. You CAN do it!

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