I know what you're thinking, "What does she know about anniversaries? She's not even married!" Okay, okay! But there are other anniversaries you know. Like work anniversaries, friendship anniversaries, and umm - pet adoption anniversaries, etc.

And in any case, I had help coming up with this list. I was inspired after reading something similar on Pure Wow (a lifestyle website). (But my ideas are better because I have friends who actually do these things and have amazing relationships!).

In my opinion, you don't even need an anniversary, or special occasion to use one of these ideas to spend time with your special someone during the fall. Everything is cozier, more intimate and personal, and more vivid during this golden season of the year.

Let's call it enchantment, shall we?

Ten Anniversary Ideas That Aren't Flowers & Dinner

Feel free to add the flowers and dinner, because there's nothing wrong with that either!

Source: Pure Wow

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