If Tim Tebow, who was recently cut from the New York Jets with little love to spare, takes his next job offer, he could be playing against the Sioux Falls Storm in indoor football. The Omaha Beef has offered Tebow the backup quarterback position.

I probably wouldn't get my hopes up in seeing Tebow in action anytime soon in Omaha, or Sioux Falls, for that matter. Beef assistant general manager Andrew Mather said Tuesday that he doesn't expect to hear back, but he thought it was worth asking.

He would earn $75 per game.

The Beef's current quarterback, James McNear, who has led the team to a 5-1 start, is anything but insulted by the Beef's wooing of Tebow. McNear said, "I think Tim can learn a lot from me."


Plus, I'm pretty sure no one has "Tebowed" in the Sioux Falls Arena since the Bill Gaither Tour.

Earlier in the week Tebow was offered a job with the Lingerie Football League.

source: Associated Press contributed to this story.