Can you believe this? A teacher is set to lose his job over whole-grain pancakes! This is insane!

Kyle Byler is a beloved 8th-grade teacher at Lancaster, Pennsylvania's Hand Middle School. Byler says his students "worked their butts off" during last week's standardized testing. While they were focusing on the state test, he plugged in an electric griddle and made each kid a single whole-grain pancake to eat during the test.

Now, he's likely to be fired for it. All because one government worker just doesn't get it.

The 38-year old teacher says "I don't understand what I did wrong. There was no infraction whatsoever." The Pennsylvania Department of Education has no rule that bans serving food during testing, though a rep for the department said that making the pancakes could have hindered Byler's ability to "actively" monitor the testing.

Byler’s students staged a 2-hour protest on Friday (April 13). And I don't blame them! This teacher was doing nothing but engaging with his students to better their education.

Source: Joel Raab

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