A teacher took a microphone before an autistic student could say what he was thankful for during a school assembly. And that's not sitting well with some people.

The incident occurred last week at Nutter Fort Primary School in Nutter Fort, West Va. In the video, students step up to a microphone to tell the crowd, which included parents, what they are thankful for this year. As the last child -- an autistic six-year-old named Caleb -- walks up, a teacher grabs the microphone and moves away, making the boy cry.

Caleb's mother, Amanda Riddle, posted the video on YouTube, explaining what happened:

I was all excited to go to Caleb's play everyone did a good job. I left in tears because one teacher grabbed the microphone from Caleb and in a mean way. My son is a little different I know this but his heart is so big and he loves everyone. What does it matter if he wanted to say gobble gobble he was the turkey after all. I'm sick of kids that are not considered 'normal' be treated the way they are. Caleb I love you and you were a hell of a . Caleb has level one high functioning autism but that doesn't get in his way of being a happy little 6year old boy. Please watch the video til the end that is where it happens and tell me what you think this was at Nutterfort Elementary School."

"It's a mistake that was made," school superintendent Dr. Mark Manchin told WDTV. "There was no malice. This teacher, as all of our teachers, truly care about these young boys and girls. The program was over, at least as I understand, and the teacher had taken the microphone."

Looking through the comments, you quickly see that reaction has been very sympathetic toward Caleb, while the teacher takes a lot of heat for actions.

The teacher has not been identified. What do you think? Did she act in a mean way or do you think she didn't even realized what she did?

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