If your attitude towards steak is 'go big or go home', this is the list for you!

The website Tabelog has identified the '11 Largest Steaks in America' and they've included a South Dakota restaurant in the bunch.

The website gives a mention to a pair of menu items at the Tea Steakhouse:

Tea Steak House in Tea, SD. Is so far off the beaten path, it takes something really special to lure diners here. And we found it in the Porterhouse T-Bone available in 30+ oz. While we can’t speculate about how big this steak can get, you can be sure that it will be delectable thanks to Tea’s signature IHNEN aging process. Tea Steak House also offers a 28 oz. T-Bone for those of you with “smaller” appetites.

Amazingly, the hefty cuts of beef don't come with over-the-top price tags. The Porterhouse T-Bone is $27.99, the Large T-Bone is $22.99.

So how does the 30-ounce Porterhouse T-Bone at the Tea Steakhouse compare to the biggest steak on the list?

Not even close.

You better come hungry the next time you head to Milwaukee. The Wrecking Ball at Ward's House of Prime, weighs in at a whopping 176 ounces!

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