For most individuals, coffee is an essential part of their morning. It helps get their day started. There is one popular coffee shop in Tea that is ready to fully caffeinate the people of Tea and very soon, another city in the Sioux Empire!

Zooks Coffee Bar is located just off of Gateway Lane in Tea. It’s known for its creative coffees, tasty food, and refreshing beverages that help beat that scorching summertime heat. Now, this Tea coffee shop is looking to expand its business in another city in the Sioux Empire. There's just one problem: Management needs to decide where to open its new storefront.

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It’s obvious from its Facebook page, the staff at Zooks Coffee Bar really appreciates its loyal customers as well as its new patrons. That's why this popular business was anxiously waiting to hear opinions on where to open its next coffee shop.

ZOOKS Coffee Bar (via Facebook)
ZOOKS Coffee Bar (via Facebook)

Zooks Coffee Bar reached out to its coffee lovers over a Facebook post to see their suggestions. Coffee lovers are looking for an "area that needs a coffee bar with a cool vibe." Here are some of those other responses:

East side!!!! It's a coffee desert!

Hartford or west side of Sioux Falls!

Mobile coffee truck! Then think of sporting events…there’s been many times I’ve been stuck on a soccer field and ran out coffee….lots of tired mom’s & dad’s, just saying!

Lake Lorraine!!

Dawley farms! This area is being developed and has a lot of traffic. There’s nothing for coffee over here.

Something close to Sioux Falls Specialty Hospital/Avera/26th & Cliff area. I bet you’d get a ton of hospital staff, patients, and visitors to stop there. 

ZOOKS Coffee Bar (via Facebook)
ZOOKS Coffee Bar (via Facebook)

Other recommendations include Lennox, Harrisburg, and even a spot in downtown Sioux Falls.

I love the split cups from Zooks Coffee Bar. You can get two drinks in one cup! It’s such a brilliant idea!

We can't wait to see another local business growing like Zooks Coffee Bar!

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