If u missed it, or need to hear again Zane Williams' (@zanethesinger) "While I Was Away"

Posted by Buddy Logan on Saturday, March 15, 2014

This August the legendary Pat Green will be releasing a new album, "Home," and his first with new music in six years. The first release off the new project is the emotionally charged song, "While I Was Away," and it is resonating in a major way with his fans.

But do you remember when the song's writer, Zane Williams, sang it for us on Radio Texas, LIVE!

In March of 2014 Zane performed the song live for us. It was the first time I'd heard it, and was blown away. It was the first time everyone in our studio heard it, they were all blown away. And judging from the responses, our listeners too were blown away. Afterward was one of those, "soooo who's gonna talk first" moments.

Williams version can be found on his 2013 album "Overnight Success."

**DISCLAIMER** It's no secret Pat Green is one of my Top 5 singer/songwriters of-all-time, and his version is superb. But no one sings a Zane song like Zane sings a Zane song. Now, grab a tissue, and give it a watch, ya big baby.

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