Kevin Fowler is hard at work on his latest album, but his new single is already out, and is so catchy it's been stuck in our heads all weekend.

With "Sellout Song," written by Zane Williams, Fowler uses his well known sense of humor to hold a mirror up to the mainstream country music industry. Williams, who is featured in the song also makes an appearance in the video.

Back in April, Williams stopped by the Radio Texas, LIVE! front porch and performed the song for our listeners, offered us some insight on what inspired him to write the song, and how it got into Fowler's redneck hands.

"... basically guys like me do our best to write well crafted, meaningful lyrics, from the heart, about real life -- that doesn't mean we couldn't write hooky shallow lyrics, specifically to sell to young preteens if we wanted to.. so I decided to prove I could write that kind of stuff.

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