One of the only good things about it being this cold, is throwing hot water in the air and watching it evaporate instantly!!

Is it even -20 degrees outside if you don't throw hot water in the air and watch it evaporate?

That trick I had done before, but I wanted to try a new one! I saw a guy on one of the social medias blowing bubbles and watching them freeze. Then, as luck would have it, I still had bubbles from a wedding at my desk.

I wasn't sure if the small bubbles would work, but they did! They actually harden so that they don't pop when they hit the ground. Pretty cool, right?

We kept the experiment short and sweet (like me) because it is -20 after all.

Thanks to Jonny V for being an awesome cameraman!

This weather experiment stuff is pretty cool! Look out, Bill Nye, I'm coming for you!


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