I've been following Modern Farmer on Twitter now for a couple of years. They seem to have an infatuation with goats. And for good reason. People-Love Goats!

It seems if you put a story up on the website about goats, people click on it! Whether it's a story about goats in sweaters, or how to get a goat to weed your garden, they've wrote about it.

But it got me wondering? Are the people at Modern Farmer guilty of keeping their goats penned up all day? I suspect that they are! That's why I think they should know about, heck even the world should know about the new handy dandy Rope-N-Go. It's a must have for any goat toting socialite that decides to take their goat out for a walk!

People walk dogs all the time. And I think more people would walk goats, heck even 'own goats' if it was just a little easier to walk them around.

Not to be outdone by anyone anywhere, a young lady, Kacy had a project at last years Achievement Day that not not only included 'walking a goat' but also putting that goat to work pulling a wagon.

I have to admit, goats are kind of a nice break from a normal hectic work day. Oh, Modern Farmer has a Goat Cam that's up and running 24 hours a day. In case you should need to get away for a while!

(Photo by Johannes Simon/Getty Images)
(Photo by Johannes Simon/Getty Images)

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