It's pretty common to see some goats grazing on farms throughout South Dakota. However, it might be a little strange if you see goats grazing on your neighbor's lawn. It's certainly not something people are used to seeing when they're in the City of Sioux Falls.

The next time you're thinking about having a goat as a pet in Sioux Falls, know that it is a-okay to have this farm animal as a pet in the city. Who needs a lawnmower if you have goats, right?

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While I was stopping at the Starbucks along Louise Avenue last week, I saw new pictures of pets displayed on the drive-thru window. One of those pets was....a goat! I was genuinely curious, so I just had to find out more.

According to the City of Sioux Falls, owning certain urban agriculture like goats are perfectly fine to have within city limits. Residents just have to be mindful of the existing restrictions. For instance, you can only own a limited amount of animals in the urban agriculture category.

Goats would be considered a type of livestock pet. The City of Sioux Falls explains that goats and other livestock animals "are only allowed in areas that are classified as AG, Agricultural District under the zoning ordinance of the city of Sioux Falls." The city's zoning department is a great resource to use to determine how your property is classified.

If the goats get a little lonely, then don't be afraid to add some sheep and pigs to your backyard farm!


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