The four largest football stadiums in the United States could be filled to capacity and still not hold all the children who are currently in the system. -Life Song for Orphans

In my spare time, I write and perform poetry. I was once asked by a student at a school I was performing at why I write about so many sad things. I told her I find it sadder that we don't seem to talk about the people I often choose to write about.

With all the conversations we have and all the things we post about, I have noticed orphans and the kids in the foster care system seem to fly under the radar. Do a google search and you will find there is no shortage of kids that could use some love.

There are November days designed to try and bring the much-deserved attention to these kids.

Adoption might not be for everyone but action could be. Check out organizations like Together We Rise or Lifesong for Orphans.

Nothing against the politics hustle but if I had to put my money on some suits making a difference for the next seven generations or some kids in T-shirt’s I’ll take the kids any day. 

These three poems were inspired by some of the incredible kids and stories I've heard over the years.


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