You won't find too many vets like this one.

Ross Henderson is a doctor at Fox Hollow Animal Hospital in Lakewood, Colo. who is going viral for playing the guitar and singing to a dog before the pup heads in for surgery.

Dr. Henderson calms the animal, named Ruby, while serenading her with Elvis Presley's classic, "Can't Help Falling In Love."

Whatever tonic the music was supposed to provide certainly worked. Ruby is doing well after having gone under the knife and the good doctor appears to have won himself a whole zoo's worth of admirers. Check out the comments and you'll see everybody is in love with him.

And lest you think Dr. Henderson is a one-trick pony dog cat singer, just know this: he's performed for other animals. The office manager says, "Dr. Ross does this quite often with pets - his second passion is music!" said Darcy Holloway, the practice manager.

Don't believe it? Check him out in action with a cat, below.

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