I want to believe that there is as much to celebrate in this world as there is to despair. However, my cynical nature tends to steer me toward the melancholy, the forlorn, the downright wretched.

After all, the business I'm in has a tendency to shine a spotlight on the ghastly events which occur on our planet. The jubilant, transformative situations usually get short shrift in the world of all media.

But occasionally, once in a great while, a story like this comes along, opens minds and hearts and gives me hope for civilization. I will warn you though, unless your heart has hardened into a small, black briquette or you are psychopathically evil, you may need a tissue. Thankfully, I did.

Bill Conner, trekked from his home in Madison, Wisconsin to Baton Rouge, Louisiana in order to honor his late daughter Abby, who had drowned, at age 20, in a tragic accident, while on a vacation in Mexico with her brother.

Bill's mission was multi-layered: first of all to honor Abby's memory, secondly to remind people about the importance of organ donation and lastly to meet the young man whose life was saved after receiving Abby's heart in a transplant operation.

The moment he met Jack Lounmouth Jr., on Father's Day 2017, was astounding; unbelievably uplifting and heart wrenching all at once. I could not look away. As I sat stunned, in my living room, after the ABC News "Person of the Week" feature was over, I began to cry even harder.

Not because of its poignancy, but because I knew that in the grand scheme of things, very few hearts and minds would perceive the life lessons offered and even fewer would cultivate the philosophy suggested.

You see? That is how much of a misanthrope I am. But just in case you aren't, please watch the video.

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