Last week, a group of employees from the Swiftel Center assisted the Brookings Regional Landfill in assembling 793 new yard waste carts for the city.

Back in February the Brookings City Council voted to purchase the yard waste carts to replace the paper waste bags residents had been using. And last week their plan went into action.

A Semi Truck full of supplies was driven to the Swiftel arena where the team unloaded the materials. They worked together, while maintaining social distancing standards, and assembled the yard waste carts.

Carts are now being delivered to residents who have requested them. No additional cost is required from residents as it's included with their service.

For more information on purchasing a yard waste cart, you can visit the City of Brookings website. You can also find information on how the Swiftel Center is handling the virus and updates on upcoming events on their website.

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