There seem to be more and more ways to prepare sweet corn coming up all the time.  Some are saying that it's great on the grill - just peel back the husk, remove the hairs, put on a little butter and put the husks back in place and put it on the grill. It's not bad.

The standard way I remember it being prepared was 8 or 10 ears in a huge pot of water boiling on the stove. That way isn't bad either.

It's just that both take some time. I don't know about you, but when I'm hungry, I'm hungry and I am not much of a fan of waiting.

The other day my friend Dan mentioned that his parents (Rich and Jean) were simply making theirs in the microwave oven. He said they wrap it in a piece of plastic wrap and just cook it at 4 minutes an ear. I tried it. It works every time!

Pic by Sprint Sioux Falls
Pic by Sprint Sioux Falls

We've been busy canning corn for the winter (bagging it is probably a more appropriate term).

You have to admit this is one of the more delicious times of the year. Tomatoes are starting to really hit their stride, the cucumbers are awesome and beans have been good too.

Try a couple of ears of corn made in the microwave. See if you don't agree. It's a very easy way to 'quickly prepare' on of the seasons delicious delicacies.

Do you have an easy way to prepare sweet corn?  We'd love to hear from you.  E-mail your recipe to:

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