Thursday morning, we had a quick visit from Troy and Jacob Landry from the hit series Swamp People (History Channel) Swamp People is already in their 5th season.

Troy and Jacob were taking a summer break away from the gators of Louisiana to come hunt the mighty prairie dog of South Dakota.  They'll be headed to Gregory County to the Buffalo Butte Ranch promoting CCI Ammunition.  Turns out 'the boys' use the same ammo to shoot prairie dogs .22 mag that they do to take down a huge alligator!

The father son duo will team up with sharp shooter Clint to fill 400 tags!  Troy will need to run two boats to get the job done and sons Jacob and Chase will crew the second one.

It's a long way from the Louisiana swamps to the prairies of South Dakota, but 'good people,' fit right in anywhere, anytime.  These two guys could show up at any gathering and fit right in!

Thanks again to Troy and Jacob Landry for stopping by the Kickin' Country Studios this morning.  We wish we could have held an event where more of our listeners could have met these guys.  Hopefully they'll be back sometime soon and we can do just that!