Sandwich fans were shocked when Subway got rid of roast beef and rotisserie chicken at their restaurants this past year.

Subway got rid of the two staple proteins early in the pandemic to help cut costs. According to franchise owners, those were the two most expensive meats on the menu. However, now that the country is more open, it is time to bring them back.

According to BusinessInsider, one franchisee said, "The customer reaction was horrendous. People were pissed off that those two items were gone. You would think that they would bring them back faster, but they didn't. But finally, this year, they said they are bringing them back."

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Many upset customers aired their grievances on social media because that is what you do in this day and age. A few went so far as to say they won't eat at Subway until their precious meats come back. Subway was listening and the meats should be back this Summer.

In the same BusinessInsider article, a franchise owner made a valid point, "Plus who has a deli shop without roast beef? I mean, it's ridiculous."

Personally, I never ordered just a roast beef sandwich, but my go-to order at Subway is a Club, which is turkey, ham, and roast beef. I was shocked the last time I was at Subway and they said they didn't have a Club anymore. What?

While Subway is bringing things back from the past, may I suggest bringing back the Chicken Enchilada Melt, please? With the Fritos on top! *chef's kiss*

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