Remember when the Coronavirus pandemic hit? Yeah, you do, and so do I. A bad memory. And do you remember when people went just a little bit (or more than a little bit) berzerk and decided they had to have enough toilet paper on hand to last well into the 22nd century? You'd walk into the grocery store, down the paper aisle, could hear crickets. Empty shelves and no people.

Well, that's over now (isn't it?). There's TP to be had and we're all set for the bathroom

So what else is selling at record levels during these pandemic times?

Butter. Lot's of butter. I mean, lots and lots of butter. And don't worry, there's not a shortage, there's just a whole lot of butter being sold.

I still get magazines the old fashioned way, in the mail. That's right, the postal person waves when he/she drops off the mail and I'll get magazines from time to time. Sports Illustrated. The Smithsonian. AARP sends me information in a magazine every month.

And I get Time. Time Magazine.

The latest issue included an interview with the lady that is the CEO of Land O' Lakes. You and I grew up with Land O' Lakes. Anyway, I'm perusing the article and I find out that during these pandemic Coronavirus times we are loving us a lot of butter. I mean, more than a lot.

This will be the biggest year ever, by far, for Land O' Lakes butter sales. They're predicting 290 million pounds...I said 290 million pounds of butter! And I'm bettin' a dollar to a stick of butter that we South Dakotans are buyin' our fair share.

Wow. She goes on to say that the pudding business is going well, too. Apparently, in addition to people staying home and doing a lot more baking, they're also snacking more. Cheese and snack products around cheese are also big sellers.

So keep making and baking those cakes and cookies...and don't forget the butter!

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