Stugotz Day in Sioux Falls is finally official.

While in Miami for Super Bowl week, I forced my way onto the Le Batard Show at the Clevelander demanding Stugotz sign a contract for Stugotz Day and I got my wish.

On air Tuesday, Stugotz signed the deal to officially bring Stugotz to the great state of South Dakota.

Jeff Thurn Results Radio
Jeff Thurn Results Radio

It took me longer to court Stugotz to StuFalls than it did for me to convince my wife to marry me.

I have had two more kids and lost plenty of hair since I started the Stugotz Day nonsense and now I feel like I have actually accomplished something in my life.

The festivities will take place during the Sanford International in September 2020 as the event runs from September 7-13 at the Minnehaha Country Club in Sioux Falls.

The Mayor of Sioux Falls will officially declare it Stugotz Day, there will be events surrounding the big day, Stugotz will play in the Pro Am and we will have opportunities for the fans of Mr. Gotz to interact with their hero.

All of this couldn't have been made possible though without the diligent help of so many but I will refrain from naming them until they officially pay me a retainer fee to be a part of all the big events. (The Stugotz is strong in me!)

Stay tuned to ESPN 99.1 and the LeBatard Show for future updates on how you can be a part of this once in a lifetime event.


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