I just got back from a quick run with Molly the Black Lab. When I was coming back up the driveway I couldn't help but notice that things are really greening up. Some of the springtime flowers are starting to burst with colors too.

This past week I met with Kylie and Brandi from Sprint in Sioux Falls. They told me it was time to upgrade to a new phone. I have to admit it was hard to part with the Samsung Galaxy S5 that I had grown so attached to. But when I started playing with the S7 and took a few pictures I was sold.

This weekend, my wife and I plan on getting out of town for a bit. Chances are I'll be taking a few pics and sharing with you throughout the weekend and on Monday a well.

If you have any springtime pics that you'd like to share with us I would love to see them. You can send them to jdcollins@kikn.com.

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